The diagnosis: Micropapillary bladder carcinoma

Missed blogging the last couple of days because of a side effect of discontinuing medications before last Monday’s surgery. We stopped the meds we take for rheumatoid arthritis because they can complicate surgery, and, as a result, we had a flareup of the arthritis, and needed to take a mild narcotic to handle the pain, leaving us too woozy to write coherently.

We got the diagnosis today, micropapillary bladder carcinoma, and the treatment is bladder removal, an operation that can take from four to six hours and requires five to seven days in the hospital. The earliest we can do the surgery is 20 November.

We apologize for the slow posting.


5 responses to “The diagnosis: Micropapillary bladder carcinoma

  1. Good luck with your surgery. You are in our thoughts!

  2. Bruce E. Woych

    No apologies needed whatsoever!
    Work around your needs, and only as fits your interest. We will be here for you, as long as it takes. Your work has informed, nurtured and cultured us all through the year. Now take what is your time…and heal. The idea that you are worried about “slow posting” is a worry to us in itself. don’t waste energy on such frets…we know you will continue when possible…it is your nature! Great luck to you, and just let the healing process take over.

  3. AReaderFromAthensGR

    wishing you all the best

  4. Good Luck !! The last thing you need to worry about is slow posting..I do however look forward to the resumption of your superb posts when all is well. Steve

  5. Certainly appreciate being kept up to date with your health news. Agree with Bruce. No apology owed. I read the article. Yup, I see why surgery’s the thing, Lengthy abdominal surgery, eek.
    Nice it’s operable! Glad you are getting this excellent care. Hope youre adjusting ok to the notion…At least now youve sampled the wonders of modern anaesthesia, which Michael Jackson preferred to a night’s sleep, the little kook.
    Makes sense to take blog vacations for surgery related arthritis flare ups and recovery. On the other hand, it must be hard for you to refrain. We care about and admire you. With you be in the hospital long enough to get over the arthritis? Maybe you need some help?
    life is weird. Id love to hear anything you have to say.
    Again, glad youre getting this good care.

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