Another personal note: Surgery and prognosis

Well, we had our surgery Monday morning bright and early, awakening to word that the tumor had been removed, though the prognosis remained uncertain.

Next morning we learned that of the two basic types of bladder cancer morphologies, ours appears to be the more aggressive, requiring a similarly aggressive course of therapy. Nonetheless, we won’t know anything for certain until Tuesday, when the biopsy results come back.

In the meantime, we wait.


8 responses to “Another personal note: Surgery and prognosis

  1. A biopsy should be done. Ask for the actual tissue to be sent somewhere else for another opinion. This is what should always be done for any suspicion of any tumor. If it is the C word and if that is what it is, then it is supposed to be the easiest to cure.
    Just some extra info if you want.

  2. You as the patient should take the tissue to another lab. To help ensure that it is in fact an independent test of where it was first done.

  3. Good luck. Our thoughts are with you.

  4. Hell. Thanks for keeping us informed. There’s a risk that anything said will be offensive. After all, this is a bewildering, sensitive time. However, having accompanied friends through all the possible scenarios, I’ll say this. To the extent they turn your life into a waiting game, theyre harming you. F- that. Here you are, purposeful and alive. Your quality of life except for taking care of yourself and thinking about this is excellent. It could drag on or whatever. Meanwhile, to the extent you can, exult. I mean congratulations! For now you are done with it. GOOD FOR YOU!
    Congratulations on good care, thank you so much for taking care of my friend. Now what can we do to make you happy 😀 ?
    Please forgive me, I hope you understand what I’m getting at.
    The cancer is GONE but the system de-emphasizes that to make sure you get all your treatment. They’re not treating the whole man. In this way our technology has not caught up to our needs. Of course youll do the whole thing.
    It’s OUT! 😀 Youre cancer-free! Hallelujah :DD
    YOU DID IT!!!

  5. i meant hello, not hell. dang letter o

  6. PS I know, I know, it’s very positive, but I make an unusual, valid point. and I’m not one of these “youre gonna beat this thing” types, like you go around beating things. But cmon, this is where they fuck up, and it’s no way good for you. Love ya, man YAY! TUMOR IS JETTISONED! BURN DOWN THE TOWN, Friend

  7. Bruce E. Woych

    I love Dylan, but Nina Simone does this tune with a passionate personal reality…dedicated to you!
    Nina Simone Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues

  8. i assume there is a biopsy going on. that’s the result he’s awaiting. my lame advice, in a guilt free as much as you can manage, ignore it all til you need to make more medical visits or decisions. Recover. Be happy. xxx

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