Charts of the day: Impoverishment & its fruits

First, from Eurostat [PDF], the latest. just-released official “adjusted” unemployment numbers for the European nations, with Greece {EL] and Spain [ES] reporting the highest, still soaring numbers, with the European Union [EZ] and common currency zone [EA] highlighted. Click on the image to enlarge:

And, from Gallup, health correlates of poverty:

Gallup’s Alyssa Brown reports:

Americans in poverty are more likely than those who are not to struggle with a wide array of chronic health problems, and depression disproportionately affects those in poverty the most. About 31% of Americans in poverty say they have at some point been diagnosed with depression compared with 15.8% of those not in poverty. Impoverished Americans are also more likely to report asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks — which are likely related to the higher level of obesity found for this group — 31.8% vs. 26% for adults not in poverty.

Read the rest.


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