Two videos on the rise of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn

Xenophobia flourishes in times of economic crisis, as desperation drives the economically marginalized to seek scapegoats for their misery.

In Greece, the crisis has sparked the rise of a once marginal party to national prominence, a party that evokes the same tropes and symbols as their brown-shirted German predecessors [including the Hitler salute].

What follows are two videos on the phenomenon.

From Journeyman Pictures: Backlash – Greece

From Journeyman Pictures:

As the crisis deepens in Greece immigrants have been facing a harsh crackdown by the government. And with chaos across the country, the far right party Golden Dawn are implementing their own violent backlash.

“Get out! This is my country!”, one angry local shouts. For immigrants, Greece is no longer the land of hope and opportunity it once was. In Athens they’re being rounded up by police and thrown into overcrowded detention centres. The system is chaotic and the European Court of Human Rights has recently condemned the centres for their appalling conditions. Meanwhile, the far right group Golden Dawn has sought to capitalise on Greeks’ growing discontent with violent attacks, which many Greek police seemingly turn a blind eye to. “They will kill me. I’ve become afraid for myself”, says a terrified business owner from Cameroon. In the push to round up illegal immigrants genuine asylum seekers are also suffering. One such group of refugees fled the fighting in Syria only to be firebombed by local thugs. “If we knew we would have stayed in Syria”, they say from the flat they don’t dare to leave. With Greece in the grip of increasingly violent conflicts, is the country on the brink of disaster?

The Unstoppable Rise of Golden Dawn

From vlogger EuropeanWatchman2, a pro-Golden Dawn video:

Note that chant intoned by the crowd: Blood! Honor! Golden Dawn!

While the party’s leader claims the group isn’t neo-Nazi, we would point out that the motto of the Hitler Youth was Blut und Ehre, blood and honor.

Note also that the first and foremost of the Nuremberg Laws, enacted by decree on 15 September 1935, was the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor [Das Gesetz zum Schutze des deutschen Blutes und der deutschen Ehre].

Blut und Ehre was also the title of a key ideological tract of Alfred Ernst Rosenberg, the Baltic German who was one of the earliest Nazi Party members who became head of the party’s foreign policy office, chief of it’s ideological purity arm, and Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories after the invasion of the Soviet Union. He was also author of the seminal Nazi ideological tract, Der Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts and provided the ideological justification for slaughtering Jews, Sinti, Roma, and other “subhumans” — a term also recently invoked by the wife of Golden Dawn’s leader when describing immigrants.

But they’re not Nazis, right?


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