Video: Berkeley’s new human rights commissioner

Berkeley City Councilman Darryl Moore has named John Gertz [previously] to the city’s Peace and Justice Commission.

Gertz is the fellow who launched a virulent website aimed at forcing the Berkeley Daily Planet to stop printing letters, commentaries, editorial cartoons and other form of communication critical of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

We wrote extensively about Gertz and his allies in the campaign to force the newspaper’s closure and their frequent, vicious ad hominem attacks.
Shortly after our stories appeared back in 2009, he even accused esnl of issuing a secret coded call for his assassination or beating:

Reporter, Richard Brenneman, certainly seems to be acting like a guru crazed cultist.  We believe that this is in keeping with his personal history. We believe that he may even have sent a coded message to fellow cultists calling for violence against us (a kind of Chauncey Bailey/Your Black Muslim Bakery situation in reverse, where it is the newspaper that goes on the attack).   For security purposes, we cannot give you details at this time, but his action caused us to seek police protection.

So what was the “coded message to fellow cultists”? In a story about Gertz’s crusade against the Daily Planet, we published his business address, the sort of thing we were taught to do in our earliest reporting days as part of that old who, what, when, where, and how thing.

Two years later he called the cops on us again, apparently accusing us of sending false flag letters to Dear Abby under his name containing death threats aimed at Arabs. A detective called us once, and we heard no more of it.

Gertz and his cronies succeeded in intimidating advertisers to drop their ads, and the paper’s print edition folded [though it does retain a diminished website presence].

Because the paper refused to stop printing submissions from its readers Gertz & Co. didn’t like, the community lost its newspaper. But, hey, Gertz could sleep comfortably. Criticism of a bellicose foreign power was silenced, and so what if the city lost the paper that covered important developments within the community?

This is the gentleman a city councilmember has selected to sit on the city’s Peace and Justice Commission.

For a man charged with ensuring peace and justice in the city, he’s a most intolerant man when it comes to criticism of Israel. We’re waiting for his attacks on these guys. We suspect we’ll see no justice and very little peace during his tenure.

The irony, of course is that Gertz projects onto others the very things he does himself.

Fortunately, we’ve located a hidden camera video one of our nefarious fellow guru-crazed cultists captured of Gertz at the very moment he was forced to confront himself.

Watch it after the jump.


One response to “Video: Berkeley’s new human rights commissioner

  1. There are too many people in Berkeley like Gertz, who claim to be for “peace and justice” but are personally authoritarians and haters.

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