François Hollande: Same old Hope™ and Change™

Gérard Duménil, economist and former research director of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris, talks with Paul Jay of The Real News Network about the implications of the election of François Hollande to the French presidency.

An excerpt from the interview [transcript here]:

Certainly from the viewpoint of social issues in France now, Hollande is very different from Sarkozy, and the policy that he will have, because, you know, Sarkozy government was trying to cut all social expenses, you know, and education, you know, schools, you know, to—. For example, this was an important aspect of Hollande’s program, which was to create new position within the French education system, because Sarkozy was cutting and cutting and cutting. And in this respect and other respect of society, issue of societies, certainly the policy of Hollande will be very different from the policy of Sarkozy.

Now, if you speak of the economy, it’s a different issue. Socialist Party has always been in favor of globalization, neoliberal globalization, and we should not expect too much in this respect. And, anyhow, what they can do is rather limited, actually.

For more critical perspectives, see here and here.


One response to “François Hollande: Same old Hope™ and Change™

  1. Tania Bastillette

    Me voilà franchement enervée.J’ai retenu François Hollande aux présidentielles d’abord parce que je voulais croire ai changement qui était annoncé et à la constitution d’une équipe gouvernementale irréprochable. Comme je suis déçue de constater que François Hollande choisi comme Premier ministre Jean Marc Ayrault, qui n’est clairement pas irréprochable ! Il a tout de même était condamné à une peine de prison pour acte de favoritisme. Tellement décue….

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