Amyris back up a bit, closes at $3.21

That’s up sixty cents from the record low set Tuesday, but deeply below last year’s high of $33.85.

Lots of rumors floating around, and then there’s this report just sent us here at esnl by a leak:

You may be interested to know they fired the head of HR, Legal and the CTO (a founder) yesterday. The workers assume another big round of layoffs (of non-millionaires) with the company going under by 2013. It’s too bad the science is being killed by a bunch of guys who couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag.

The message boards have been flooded with rumors, ranging from a buyout by Total the closing feared by employees at the Emeryville genetic engineering outfit founded by UC Berkeley genetic “engineer” Jay Keasling with bucks from Bill Gates..

Looks like it’s going to be a really bumpy ride, now that the company is closing down in domestic ethanol distribution system and focusing all its activities on Brazil [where there are rumors of contamination in their stills filled with genetically engineered microbes] and Spain.


2 responses to “Amyris back up a bit, closes at $3.21

  1. Rachel Mansour

    The people let go, head of HR, legal and the CTO (founder) were excellent in their jobs and helped to build Amyris. John Melo, why were these people let go and why are you still there? I bought Amyris stock at $16 and now it is $3.22. There’s no one to blame for this fall, but you, John.

  2. Former employee

    CEO should be gone already. I had the pleasure for 3 years of working side by side with the CTO and head of legal. Some of the most brilliant and hard working people I’ve ever met. Clearly the CEO and management team has no control or insight over how to manage a startup company. I feel bad for all of the hard working employees there that aren’t going to see their work ever see fruition.

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