Irish police clear Dublin’s Occupy encampment

One of the last Occupy camps in Europe got the boot last night.

The encampment was located on Dame Street in the heart of the city’s financial district.

From the Irish Times:

The “Occupy Dame Street” protest camp site outside the Central Bank in Dublin has been dismantled by gardaí following a request from the Central Bank.

The encampment was established last October as part of the global anti-capitalist “Occupy” movement.

Gardaí moved in on the camp at 3.30am and dismantled and removed a number of structures and tents on the site as protesters were held back.

As many as 100 gardaí were involved in the operation, and Dame Street was cordoned off from Trinity College to George’s Street. The area was cleared and then cleaned by council workers.

While a small handful of protesters remained after this morning’s eviction, numbers swelled to more than a dozen following a message to reorganise sent out by social media.

At around noon, protestors hurriedly attempted to set up a tent on the site of the former encampment despite the garda presence.

Within moments, additional gardaí were called in and two protestors were forcibly removed from the tent. No arrests were made and the tent was taken to a nearby garda vehicle.

Read the rest.

It’s the same old pattern. Wait til the dark hours of the night, then swoop in with overwhelming numbers.

The Occupy movement faces a huge challenge. Short-term enthusiasm wanes, and as numbers drop, it’s easy to evict the encampments. There’s a good idea at the kernel oft he movement, and perhaps a shift in strategy is needed. Just what is needed is another question.


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