The end of an era: Last World War I vet is dead

From the BBC:

A woman thought to be the world’s last known surviving service member of World War I has died aged 110.

Florence Green, from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, served as a mess steward at RAF bases in Marham and Narborough.

She died in her sleep on Saturday night at Briar House care home, King’s Lynn. Mrs Green had been due to celebrate her 111th birthday on 19 February.

The world’s last known combat veteran of World War I, Briton Claude Choules, died in Australia aged 110 in May 2011.

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Wow. Back when esnl was a kid, there were still Civil War veterans alive, and World War I vets were numerous. Nothing like death to make you feel older.

World War I was a disaster for the United States. Widespread dissent at America’s involvement under a President who promised to keep us out led to the rise of the national security state and the first massive crackdown on dissent, led by a young Department of Justice bureaucrat named J. Edgar Hoover. National security laws passed to crack down on dissent remain on the books, eagerly enforced by Barack Obama’s justice department.

The war also gave rise to a massive federally sponsored private vigilante operation called the American Protective League, which led massive sweeps across the country, sweeping up radicals, German immigrants, and the leadership of the Industrial Workers of the World.

The war, proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson as a crusade to “make the world safe for democracy,” led directly to the collapse of post-war Germany and the rise of the Third Reich.

Now that the war’s last veteran is dead, let’s hope that the war’s noxious legacy isn’t forgotten as well.


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