Council slams France’s treatment of ‘Gypsies’

French President Niclos Sarkozy has been waging an ethnic cleansing campaign aimed at purging the Hexagon of the wandering peoples of Europe, the Roma, Sinti, Travelers, and others often known collectively as Gypsies.

We’ve posted extensively about Sarko’s inhumane obsession, and drawn the obvious parallels between his 21st Century campaign and the 20th Century campaign waged in both Germany and in France in the late 19th Century.

Now The Council of Europe has spoken out, condemning Sarkozy’s and the similar push engineered in Italy under the now-departed Silvio Berlusconi, who had found the time between bunga bunga parties to engineer his own version of ethnic cleansing.

From Al Jazeera:

A leading European rights watchdog says France’s expulsion of Gypsies last year violated their rights.

A report by the Council of Europe issued on Thursday said the expulsions of more than 1,000 Gypsy immigrants, also called Roma, and the demolition of hundreds of illegal Roma camps were “discriminatory” and “contrary to human dignity”, constituting an “aggravated violation of human rights”.

Many of the Roma were originally from Romania and Bulgaria, and as citizens of EU member states were entitled to freedom of movement within the bloc.

The expulsions pitted Nicolas Sarkozy’s government against European officials, with the European Commission’s justice commissioner, Viviane Reding, comparing France’s treatment of the Roma to Nazi-era deportations.

In the wake of that, the European Commission asked France to alter its laws so they were in line with EU regulations.

A Council of Europe committee has now condemned the move as a violation of its social charter – a document that sets out “social rights”, such as the right to fair working conditions and to housing. France is a signatory.

France claimed the expulsions were “voluntary” repatriations only.

The committee dismissed the argument, saying “the so-called voluntary returns were in fact disguised forced repatriations in the form of collective expulsions.”


The condemnation was made public on Thursday. It has no legal force but asks France to ensure that such evictions don’t happen again.

Human rights NGOs have reported that France and Italy are continuing to forcibly expulse Roma.

Read the rest.

UPDATE: The cultural war against Europe’s wanderers isn’t limited to France and Italy. Consider the following from the Czech News Agency via

Czech Government Human Rights Commissioner Monika Šimu*nková is asking that a reader for second-graders as well as other teaching aids be withdrawn from an ongoing “Rainbow School” project because they include anti-Romani texts. Šimu*nková has called on the Czech Education Ministry to take action on the issue.

The Czech Government Inter-ministerial Commission for Romani Community Affairs met today to discuss the materials. Šimu*nková informed the Czech Press Agency of her decision when the meeting was over.

The second-grade reader includes a story called “Mýdlová Madla” (“The Soapy Rail”) by Ivona Br(ezinová. “Mama told me I shouldn’t talk to those Demeterovic boys at all … she said they’re Gypsies. Gypsies are dirty and steal,” second-graders read in the textbook, which was published in 2005.

“Seven-year-olds have been reading this for the last six years. That is truly alarming,” Šimu*nková said. In her view, other teaching aids in the Rainbow School project for multicultural education also include “anti-Romani texts that rise to the level of racism”. The project is running in elementary schools in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

The Museum of Roma Culture drew attention to the content of the project. According to museum experts, the material depicts Romani people almost parodically, simplifies the view of Romanipen, promotes stereotypes, and is an insult to members of the minority. The material attributes behavior such as fraud, prostitution and theft to Romani people, the Human Rights Commissioner said. In her view, the teaching aids are instead supposed to serve the purpose of educating people to live in an open society.

Read the rest.


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