Caught on tape: UC cops assault faculty member

SECOND UPDATE: Found another version online from nationalBAMN, have replaced it below.

UPDATE:The video cited in the article has been removed from You Tube. Very curious, given that a video short earlier by the same vlogger remains on the website.

In our much-read post yesterday, we wrote of the arrest of UC Berkeley professor Celeste Langan during her participation in Wednesday Occupy Cal protest outside Sproul Hall.

Today we have a very disturbing video of her mistreatment and arrest by UC Berkeley Police.

Watch in this video from vlogger MilesMathew. At about the 12-second mark she is standing on the left of the video and is first singled out, then grabbed by the hair and pulled to the ground, where a clutch of officers then binds her with plastic cuffs.

We were directed to the video by a fellow professor, who writes:

What I see in that video matches exactly the description Prof Langan gave to our faculty gathering at Sather Gate yesterday at 11 am: she described how she had offered her wrists to be handcuffed once she realized the police intended to arrest her, but instead was held and dragged by the hair.  I saw Prof Langan just before these events happened, and I can recognize her clothing, her hair and her characteristic dark glasses.

I join my voice to the many among the faculty who demand an account from the administration on the pre-ordained violence that led to the abusive mistreatment of a colleague.  If this does not produce the outrage among us that I think it should, I do not know what will.

We agree.


5 responses to “Caught on tape: UC cops assault faculty member

  1. clarissa dalloway

    Why was the video removed? Any ideas? It says it was removed by the user. Do you know of any auxiliary copies? Thank you.

  2. Is this video still available? The link above doesn’t work.

  3. clarissa dalloway

    The video is available here: — pretty sure it’s the same video.

    Not the same video. See our reply. — esnl

  4. clarissa dalloway

    Argh. I have tried to reach the person who posted it. Youtube says the user removed it. I’ve been looking for that copy all day. It’s very strange that it was removed, no? If anyone has a copy of that video, please let us all know. It was intense and really should be on public record. I am aware of this Prof. and her work and have heard she was attempting to protect students. That the video evidence has been removed is just frustrating to me, unless it was specifically at her request.

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