Polanski on film: ‘Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown’

From 2006, an interview with Roman Polanski that explores his approach to film, and the making of what esnl considers the most trenchant film ever made about power in the Golden State:


2 responses to “Polanski on film: ‘Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown’

  1. Roman is almost 80, and he still has brown hair? On a more serious note, “Chinatown” would never be approved to be made today, as it is too skeptical toward authority. And it lacks a happy ending. The same goes for most of genre of film noir. Too many viewers would consider it anti-American.

  2. Actually anti-authoritarian is not necessarily anti-American. It can be pro – American too – a survival mechanism especially if you live in California, even today – where the only authority – often is corrupt, and won’t help.

    The movie “Chinatown” not only shows what happened in California a long time ago, but also shows how California Governors run California today with secret investigations and secret trials hidden from the PUBLIC VIEW.

    Only 10 years ago California Governor Gray Davis changed the law to allow the police to be exempt from scrutiny under the California Public Records Act, which means that none of the details of a police brutality or a police murder of a California citizen are released until the eventual civil trial.

    The exemption to police against scrutiny – also helps other California entities like Universities and Colleges for their police to cover up acts of non-consensual sexual assault occurring against students at the campus – by California State employed instructors.

    The politics of that California exemption was part of the reward Gov. Gray Davis gave “law enforcement” after most of their organizations switched from supporting Republicans to supporting Democrats.

    Police agencies often lie/spin what took place. Their goal is to get people to stop paying attention to the event. Do not shut up and believe the authorities – just take for instance – the Kelly Thomas murder case – that could be you or your loved one – if you live in California.

    Justice is rarely done in internal investigations in California and newspapers and blogs play a vital role in informing the public…

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