Americans are rejecting the Obama war on Libya

Despite the best efforts of the American media to sell us on the ongoing war in Libya, poll numbers reveal that we’re starting to reject the relentless barrage of bellicose propaganda fed us by the press, in between all those Congressional crotch shots and other celebrity scandals.

The latest poll numbers from a Gallup poll conducted Wednesday reveal a striking turnaround in popular opinion when it comes to Barack Obama’s war.

And it’s clearly become the war of the party of Hope™ and Change™ war, as Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones reports:

Democrats are the only political group to show more support for than opposition to the U.S. involvement. Independents are the most likely to show opposition, with a majority disapproving.

Republicans’ opinions have changed the most since March, moving to 39% approval from 57%. This likely reflects increased criticism of the mission’s legality and cost from some Republican congressional leaders and presidential candidates. Independents’ views have become slightly more negative over the last three months, while Democrats’ opinions have been largely stable.

Here’s the breakdown:

Amazing how the Democrats have become the war party, though you have to question the sincerity of Republican officials who were so eager just ten years ago to start the whole ball rolling.

H/T to Glenn Greenwald at Salon.


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