Now online: Roman Polanski, Wanted and Desired

Here’s a link to the Marina Zenovich documentary featuring, among others, esnl. It’s a fascinating story, and depicts a grave and gravely misunderstood miscarriage of justice by a flawed and deeply corrupt judge.

We’re the guy in the red vest.

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9 responses to “Now online: Roman Polanski, Wanted and Desired

  1. Marina Zenovich also has a sequel coming out this year called Roman Polanski – Odd Man Out. I hope it will be available by autumn.

  2. Deeply flawed in that he allegedly reneged on an agreement…or that he doesn’t have an open mind to sodomizing 13 year old girls?

    • “Allegedly”? Did you watch the documentary or read any one my first-person accounts of the case? There’s no “allegedly” about it. He did, as verified by the prosecutor himself, as well as the defense attorney, the girl, her attorney, myself, and many others,

    • Steven,

      Richard Brenneman was a court reporter back in ’77 when this whole fiasco was occurring. He witnessed the proceedings himself.

      It is not a judge’s place to show prejudice or bias against a defendant. A judge is supposed to be impartial. If somebody accused YOU of raping a young girl, would you want the judge presiding over your case to be fair and impartial? Yes, I think you would. Roman Polanski did not have that, and that’s why he ran.

  3. Stephen: there was no “sodomizing a girl” in this case. The “sodomizing” part is refuted by both the medical examination of Ms.Gailey (maybe you know that there were no traces of any interourse at all, let alone forcible penetration), and the “girl” is in the same document called “adult female”; she testified to having previous sexual intercourse and stated, on numerous later occasions, that she had been sexually active for quite a long time before the alleged event. There are a lot more documented facts that clearly prove that there was no rape, no sodomy, no any other nonsense the media rave about. You can find a thorough analysys (based entirely on the documents of the case) here:

  4. Stephen was probably talking about Judge Rittenband’s bait and switch in the plea deal – nothing more…

  5. Happy one year anniversary of release and SWISS JUSTICE DENYING extradition of Polanski from Switzerland to USA.

    Of course Richard with this blog have been a great support to Roman Polanski and his participation in Polanski: Wanted & Desired see above link.

    And also Marina Zenovich et al, for her courage to make the documentary “Polanski: Wanted and Desired” and for retrieving precious ancient film footage of what really went down at the Santa Monica Courthouse in 1977 and 1978. I hope Roman Polanski fully appreciates what she did in part for him and justice.

    Also many hundreds of others in addition to his many lawyers on both sides of the pond have supported and helped Roman Polanski to be and to remain free.

    Once again Happy First Anniversary…And many more to come…

  6. And now for a little “Carnage” Roman Polanski’s latest movie…

  7. Roman Polanski is to return to Switzerland to receive lifetime achievement award –

    I trust and he trusts – no action replay –

    The Swiss really did save him from California Justice – a fate nearly worse than death.

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