Critical context in the WikiLeaks prosecution

As Barack Obama rolls out his legal guns in his administrations relentless campaign to silence the Internet activists who have done so much to reveal the corrupt core of the American Empire, Maximilian Forte adds the critical elements we need to grasp the full extent of the Orwellian battle now underway.

Just consider these questions he raises at ZERO ANTHROPOLOGY in a post titled “The Excuse is Wikileaks. The Object is Freedom of Speech. The Subject is Authoritarianism.”

If you were asked which regime is described by the following actions and characteristics, what would you answer?

  1. A regime that produces a death list of citizens abroad to be executed by its secret intelligence service, without arrest, without trial by a jury.
  2. A regime that conducts surveillance at home and then uses that information to have an allied state abroad, one that flouts human rights, torture one of its citizens.
  3. A regime that continues to operate secret detention centres where inmates are routinely denied the most basic rights to challenge the reasons why they have been imprisoned, without charge, and without representation.
  4. A regime that is bent on maintaining war against other nations, including against peoples who never attacked it, thereby representing an obstacle to world peace.
  5. A regime that routinely denies the legitimate claims and demands of its population, in order to favour a small cabal of elite bankers and industrialists, and thus also a regime that effectively renders elections little more than an expensive shadow play owned and operated by the billionaires who can engineer a win for their candidates.
  6. A regime that persecutes those who believe that it is wrong to conceal the human rights abuses of their regime, that believe the world needs to know how that regime uses its troops to slaughter innocent civilians abroad, with neither reason nor remorse.
  7. A regime that exercises pressure to round up the private details of Internet users, if they in any way conspired to reveal these facts.
  8. A regime that harasses its citizens at airports, seizing their personal property, extracting information about a person’s activities and associations, and then targeting the person’s friends and colleagues, on the suspicion that the person may have peacefully opposed the state’s public lies.

Read the rest here.

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