Bigots blast a ‘Muslim terrorist’ that wasn’t

So you’re on an airplane that’s about to take off and a darker-skinned man steps in the aisle and begins praying fervently in a language you don’t understand.

Obvious conclusion — at least for most of those aboard the plane?

The guy’s a Muslim terrorist!

And so the headlines read across much of Europe after his arrested aboard an Air Malta plane after takeoff was aborted at Heathrow Airport outside London.

Jihad Watch, a Zionist website specializing in demonizing Muslims, was quick on the story, fuming

This seems to be a fairly clear provocation — maybe the praying man is hoping to provoke a “discrimination” case that will establish that praying Muslims may have the run of the airplane.

Comments appended to the story piled on the abuse:

  • You will observe that the passengers and crew restrained the man. If they were Maltese non-Muslims, I doubt they were gentle; the Maltese have long, bitter memories of Muslim jihad, and are seriously pzzed off by the behaviour of the illegal Muslim ‘immigrants’ who have barged into their little island of late.
  • Typical Muslim. His needs, his desires, the advancement of the Islamic agenda, the diminishment of the others in any given group, disregard for the expense of his actions.
  • In one way, they remind one of how a pig or dog on board would behave without training or direction or herding. They are like undisciplined animals, in the manner they behave, no couth, whatever.
  • This is why pepper spray, attack dogs and tazers were invented.
  • Why can’t Muslims just build their own airlines?
  • This muslim’s behavior is so much like that of the behavior of the pharisees that Jesus hated. Such showmanship to impress his fellow travelers with his selfrighteous piety only contrasts with the way Jesus ordered His followers to pray. It is the darkness of Islam contrasted to the true light of Christ. Jesus said we should go into a closet and shut the door so our prayers are only heard by God! Admittedly this muslim’s behavior was to intimidate others, but in addition it did not impress the one true God.
  • This is yet another dry run.
  • I’d like to see that mozzie scum pull a stunt like that on an Eged bus.
  • If I had been on the flight I would have kicked the Muslim scumbag in the balls.
  • You should have decked the filthy pedophile worshiping oik.
  • This is why I read Jihad Watch…for such telling anecdotes. How chilling. You know this represents so many other Muslims.

Got the idea?

Well, there’s only one small problem, and it took a reporter from The Malta Independent to ferret out the truth.

The guy wasn’t a Muslim, as Noel Grima reports in a story headlined “‘Muslim terrorist’ on Air Malta plane turns out to be Caribbean Christian.”

The story that made the rounds of the world that a Muslim man was apprehended on an Air Malta plane when he persisted in praying out aloud in the aisle just as the plane was taxying to take off at London’s Heathrow Airport, now has to be revised.

It was a Caribbean Christian man, Maria Busuttil who was on the plane with him, told The Times. And the prayer he was chanting was the ‘Our Father’.

Yet even yesterday on In-Nazzjon, Brian Grech who had a hand in restraining the man, still insisted the man was an Arab Muslim.

Writing on The Times comment pages yesterday, Ahmed Sain wrote: “For all of you who made a comment yesterday on this subject, I think you got it all wrong regarding this man’s religion. Now you guys ask for forgiveness.”

Read the whole story here.

As for Jihad Watch, the website has pulled their own rant, along with the scurrilous comments, without even bothering to admit their error. The excerpts posted above came from the Google cache, which is here.

Jihad Watch is one of many front groups for David Horowitz, a militant  Muslim hater, and is bankrolled by Joyce Chernick, the principal player in the “no Ground Zero Mosque” madness.

We can’t say we’re surprised the website didn’t acknowledge the error. People who hate so passionately seldom admit their errors.


10 responses to “Bigots blast a ‘Muslim terrorist’ that wasn’t

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  3. Thanks for explaining all this. People will easily believe what they want to believe, eh? I suspect I’ll be hearing this story recanted as a ‘FACT’ for months to come. At least now I have an easy link to point to as a debunking tool 🙂

    United Shades of Britain

  4. Gotta admit, if anybody of any religion starts praying loudly, especially on a plane, I’m gonna be a little freaked.

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  6. Their guts tell them the man was an Arab Muslim, and if that was good enough for George W Bush, that’s good enough for them.

  7. If this muslim freak knew that it’s against the airline norm to pray in the aisle ‘during take-off’ as what the freak did not say was that he was stopped by the crew because he was banging his head on the floor during takeoff – he should have damn well stopped. And in wholehearted agreement with Nikki, if a freak starts to pray loudly on an aircraft – I’ll be pissed off as well. What is it??? Is Allah deaf so that a person has to scream his guts out to pray??? Can’t he do it in privacy without making a damn nasty show of himself??? Had the person been of any other religion – there would not have been such a problem. Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, all travel extensively – but who was the freak who created this incident??? No need to wrestle your mind for the answer – a Muslim!!! Lo & behold – then they cry blue murder when someone stand up to them and start crying their eyes out in self-pity. The world will be a much more peaceful & safer place without you freaks.

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