Eviscerating the Obama gang’s hypocrisy

Maximilian Forte’s Zero Anthropology is one of esnl’s favorite Internet stopping places, and his latest post is a telling example of what an incisive eye and a well-honed keyboard can do to disembowel hypocrisy.

Titled “Wikileaks and the Moral Dualism of the U.S. State Department,” Forte’s post is a stunning expose of the administration’s implicit maxim: Freedom of information is always good when it’s about THEM; never good when it applies to US.

Forte serves us ringing endorsements of Internet freedom and access to information served up by the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the days before WikiLeaks took them at their word, followed by their scathing condemnations after the spotlight shone on them.

As he sums up:

Wikileaks has given us an anthropological gift. It has shown all of us that underpinning the state’s claims to moral universalism is a particularist commitment that sits easily with moral turpitude. Wikileaks thus reveals that China and Iran are unexceptional, that the only universal here is the aggression of state power mounted against its enemies. State power expresses itself ideologically as moral dualism.

Read — and watch— the whole post here.

And also note that Forte has backed up his commitment to freedom of information by hosting his own WikiLeaks mirror site here.


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