Social Security bosses: Crime to look at WikiLeaks?

From the inimitable Sam Smith at the Progressive Review comes a story even more ludicrous that the New York Times giving the feds pre-screening rights on the WikiLeaked cables [see the previous post].

One major federal outfit has warned its employees that they could be prosecuted even for viewing them online, despite the fact that there ain’t enough jail cells on the planet to hold all the people who already have:

At least one government agency — The Social Security Administration — is warning employees that even browsing Wikileaks could be a criminal offense. The Review has revceived a copy of an email sent to staffers with the subject line, “Information Security Bulletin: WIKILEAKS.” Here’s the threat:

“Earlier this year a large amount of United States government classified information was illegally released to the public website WIKILEAKS. The documents on WIKILEAKS could place military personnel and United States supporters in Iraq and Afghanistan at an increased risk of harm.

“Despite these documents being publicly accessible over the internet, the documents remain classified and SSA employees should not access, download, or transmit them. Individuals may be subject to applicable federal criminal statutes for unlawful access to or transmission of classified information.”


3 responses to “Social Security bosses: Crime to look at WikiLeaks?

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  2. Well, they can’t unclassify them, because then they wouldn’t have the excuse of not being able to discuss classified information when people ask questions.

  3. So if 6.8 billion humans have seen the documents online over the Internet, those documents are still considered “classified” as secrets? Secrets from whom? Apparently, everyone except those government employees! Those government employees who the government doesn’t want to illuminate them on what the government is doing, unlike the rest of civilization realizing the problem is with the government.

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