Quote of the day: Trivializing the Holocaust™

From the Abe Foxman video [posted below], in which he seems to commit the very offense he accuses Jerry Seinfeld of perpetrating.

If you don’t understand [the Holocaust] then you don’t learn the lessons. So if in New York we have a restaurant where a guy calls himself a Soup Nazi because he decides what kind of soup you’re going to eat, or buy, that’s a trivialization, you’ve learned nothing from history, and yeah, we do care, and we’ll speak out against it.

And for another take on the Foxman video, Max Blumenfeld has a winner here.

And for folks wondering why the trademark symbol after Holocaust, we use it to differentiate between the real, horrendous attempted annihilation of Jews and “Gypsies” and its appropriation as a thought-stopping tool to advance the political interests of a state.

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