Samantha Geimer on Roman Polanski

From her appearance on Larry King last night. Apologies for the commercial upfront.


One response to “Samantha Geimer on Roman Polanski

  1. Samantha even if she confessed to “minor” consensual sex with Roman Polanski won’t get Roman Polanski off the hook in California since Polanski admitted consensual sex with a minor back in 1977, an offense in California.

    However it is wrong to blame Samantha entirely for what happened to Roman Polanski,

    It as though both Samantha and Polansksi after consensual sex happened – fell down a deep hole like Alice in Wonderland

    and then both ended up meeting the Mad Hatter – Santa Monica Judge Laurence D. Rittenband

    who in the end contorted into double cross and illegal coercion, along with the rest apart from retired Los Angeles prosecutor Roger Gunson.

    In this nightmarish scenario – & 33 years later – the Los Angeles District Attorney who had effectively turned into the Queen, might as well have said OFF WITH THEIR HEADS

    BUT then a savior came in the form of another
    Judicial System in a very foreign Country –


    Governmental control (a.k.a. the power of the Queen) is the punishment regardless of whether you are a victim of sexual assault or the perpetrator who had long ago served his time.

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