The latest in the entertainment of neofascism

As we’ve mentioned before, as a kid esnl used to play Cowboys and Indians and War, in the latter case, usually G.I.s versus Germans.

Which side you played on fell either to the luck of the draw or whoever the folks were choosing up sides.

Young boys have always played at combat, with the archaeological evidence suggesting the games go far back into prehistory.

For better or worse, playing the other side assured that you’d acquire just the eensiest bit of empathy for “the bad guys,” and even if the role playing was tainted with bigotry [as it invariably was], at least players acquired a modicum of understanding that war was more than a one-sided matter, as we’ve noted here before.

But that avenue is now precluded for players of one of the more popular digital combat games around today, thanks to the buffoons behind the Fox News megaphone. [Previously]

Not only that, but folks who do engage in the now one-sided game are expected to acknowledge nothing less than “reverence” for the folks who kill for the Stars and Stripes.

The last time that sort of attitude was considered mandatory was back when the Middle Ages popes were summoning up warriors and granting them free passes to heaven for killing heretics and — hmmmmm — killing Muslims during those debacles they dubbed Holy Crusades.

Here’s the opener of Maximilian Forte’s latest at Zero Anthropology:

In the latest in militainment news, Electronic Arts  has bowed to pressure from military officials in the U.S. and UK–not that it wasn’t already predisposed to their sentiments–and to the overreaching complaints of family members of those who died killing Afghans, and removed mention of the Taleban from the upcoming release of “Medal of Honor.” Players can now play as part of “Opposing Force” rather than “Taliban.” Had EA not made the change, the game faced outright banning: British Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox called for retail stores to ban the game, and it was to be banned on U.S. bases, even though U.S. military personnel participated as consultants and testers to make it “more respectful” of their side, and of course, “accurate.” The only accuracy achieved is that, as in our mainstream media, the other is suppressed, and colonial disrespect is officially permitted and encouraged.

Being quite clear about the militarist propaganda functions of Medal of Honour, the executive producer Greg Goodrich stated: “the heartbeat of ‘Medal of Honor’ has always resided in the reverence for American and Allied soldiers.”  Not such respect, rather reverence. Reverence, as in adoration, deification, genuflection, worship, and religiousness. Goodrich, speaking of the complaints, said: “This is a voice that has earned the right to be listened to.” Apparently listening to these voices is required of all us, but more than that, strict obedience to those voices, so that no competing images can be seen. The assumption seems to be that where there are competing images and labels, there are competing sentiments, and that needs to be shut down.

Read the rest here.


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