Another dose of those Texas schoolbook crazies

At a time when the nation is falling apart a the seams wracked by xenophobic madness, just leave it to the Texas board of education to vomit forth another dose of crazy.

Having just finished their purge of progressive from Texas history books, the fundies on the board responsible for shaping the content of schoolbooks across the country is now out to purge them of any notion that any Muslim anywhere every did anything decent.

Texas has a profound impact on schoolbooks nationwide because its centralized statewide buying system forms one of the largest market for publishers, those corporate folks who find it more convenient and cheaper to sell a single text throughout the country than to take the costlier route of printing up a variety of editions.

Here’s the story from Sarah Netter of ABC News:

Students in Texas may be getting a glorified view of Islam, according to some state education leaders who are pushing for a resolution that would denounce social studies textbooks as biased against Christianity.

Though the president of conservative-leaning Texas State Board of Education supports the measure as promoting religious equality in schools, faith leaders and activists have condemned the board’s proposal as intolerant and anti-Muslim.

“It’s clearly just an attempt to propagandize the state’s student population against the faith of Islam,” said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Washington D.C.-based Council on Islamic-American Relations. “Somehow they were getting too rosy a picture of Islam.”

The board of education is set to vote Friday on the resolution, which was proposed by a one-time board candidate who failed to get elected earlier this year. It charges that “pro-Islamic/anti-Christian bias has tainted some past Texas social studies textbooks.”

It also refers to the board of education as the “principal democratic check and balance” against “otherwise often-unresponsive editors and unaccountable authors.”

But the Texas Freedom Network, a state religion and education watchdog group, said this measure is just another attempt by the hard-right majority to infuse its own religion and politics into the education of millions of school children.


The musings of the Texas School Board of Education are closely watched by educators and administrators across the country. Because the state purchases textbooks in bulk for its nearly 5 million students, industry publishers often will write to their preferences given that most other states allow individual districts to purchase textbooks on their own.

Though the resolution wouldn’t affect any immediate changes in Texas school, Lowe said she knew the industry was watching.

Why burn books when its so much easier to stop them from being printing in the first place?

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