In memoriam, three American originals

Two deaths of note today, and one birthday.

A cartoonist with a point

First, Harvey Pekar, a unique and outspoken cartoonist who proved himself willing to speak truth to power. Invited on the Letterman Show as an occasional guest of the sort of eccentric the host could mock, Pekar had the great temerity to confront Letterman about the misdeeds of his corporate employer, network owner GE, in this memorable segment.

Leterman declared him banished from the show after a second visit, where Pekar refused to give up his point, knowing i could result in his exile from the only national forum he had:

Tuli Kupferberg, frontman for The Fugs

As featured here in April, The Fugs were one of the great underground groups of the 60′s, and had still been recording until Kupferberg was stricken with a stroke that cost him his voice. esnl first heard the band soon after their debut album came out in 1965, The Village Fugs Sing Ballads of Contemporary Protest, Point of Views, and General Dissatisfaction.

Here’s one of the greatest hits, still timely, “Kill for Peace”:

Finally, Happy Birthday, Bucky!

Today would’ve been R. Buckminster Fuller‘s 115th birthday. One of the most remarkable figures of the 20th Century, Fuller was an inventor, an original thinker, a poet, and an inspiration. It was esnl‘s great honor to have known him, and to have worked with him on our first book, Fuller’s Earth.


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