Dubya: “Best way to revitalize the economy is war”

From Juan Cole at Informed Comment comes proof that George W. Bush thought mass murder was just the ticket for revving up a stagnant economy.

Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner told director Oliver Stone Bush made the stunning confession during a January, 2004, summit meeting in Mexico, Stone interview Kirchner for an upcoming documentary, South of the Border.

Kirchner: I said that a solution to the problems right now, I told Bush, is a Marshall Plan. And he grew angry. He said the Marshall Plan is a crazy idea of the Democrats. He said the best way to revitalize the economy is war. And that the United States has grown stronger with war.

Stone: War, he said that?

Kirchner: He said that. Those were his exact words.

Stone: Is he suggesting that South America go to war?

Kirchner: Well, he was talking about the United States: ‘The Democrats had been wrong. All of the economic growth of the United States has been encouraged by wars.’ He said it very clearly.

If that isn’t conclusive proof that Bush is guilty of war crimes, then what is? Waging aggressive war is the crime the judges at Nuremberg invoked in sentencing top Nazi leaders to death. But Bush, the man who called plutocrats “my base,” launched a deadly, ongoing invasion solely for the purpose of fattening their wallets while ensuring his reelection.

We should demand his arrest and trial, or at least his detention at Guantanamo, Bagram, or any of the other black holes this nation has created to impression anyone we damn well want to disappear.

And, by the way, those prisons invoke one of the Nazi’s other nasty strategies, Nacht und Nebel, otherwise known as “Night and Fog,” in which the Gestapo “disappeared” suspects from France as a means of terrorizing would-be partisans, allowing no word of their apprehension or fate to real family and friends.


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