AIPAC: We’ll take over Cal’s student government

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee {AIPAC] has launched a drive to take over student government at the University of California at Berkeley, the organization’s Leadership Development Director announced at last week’s annual conference in Washington.

Here’s the money quote from Jonathan Kessler, made to student leaders drawn fom 370 campuses, including representatives from all 50 states:

How are we going to beat back the anti-Israel divestment resolution at Berkeley? We’re going to make certain that pro-Israel students take over the student government and reverse the vote. That is how AIPAC operates in our nation’s capitol. This is how AIPAC must operate on our nation’s campuses.

Also included among those chosen to address the students was attorney and militant Zionist Alan Dershowitz, who, reports JTA reporter Ben Harris, was “greeted like a rock star.”

Here’s Harris’s report [HT to Pulse]:

Kessler’s remarks were aimed at the March 18 16-4 vote by the Associated Students of the University of California Berkeley Senate to support a resolution calling for the university to divest from investment in companies providing military support to Israel.

The resolution was vetoed by ASUC president Will Smelko on March 24.


24 responses to “AIPAC: We’ll take over Cal’s student government

  1. I would have liked to have seen Norman Finkelstein address the students, too … he too would have blown them away.

  2. Fred The Gurion

    Might have something to do with the IDF throwing families out of their homes w/children and women screaming, bulldozing their homes and religious fanatics moving in and building settlements during every Peace Process.

  3. franc black

    White phosphorus falling on Gazan civilians.

    Expansion of settlements in occupied territories.

    Propaganda machine running full tilt to undermine Iran.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but this AIPAC infiltration into USA student government is kinda creepy.

  4. Might have something to do with suicide bombing, rocket attacks and a general anti-semitic attitude that blinds people from seeing that Israel is the only middle eastern democratic country, and is a country that supports the human rights of women, minorities, homosexuals, and freedom of speech.

    I’m not sure why so many people are ready to throw Israel under the bus… The values of the underdog Palestinians include honour killings, hatred of the west, and subjugation of women and non-muslims. Oh and since muslims don’t belive in homosexuals, anyone that they do find must be put to death.

    Sounds like their culture is a real winner! We should let them destroy Israel.

  5. Roger, you spout the same, tired rhetoric of the pro-Israel gang. In your last paragraph you talk of the values of Palestinians, by which do you mean that because they don’t share Western values it is acceptable to bulldoze their homes, kill their children, destroy their only flour factory, ruin hospitals? Wow, what western, i.e., admirable Israeli values.

    Knock off the anti-semitism argument, it doesn’t work anymore.


  6. There is no democracy under apartheid, sorry.

  7. Moslems don’t all hate bendoes. Look, in (american-occupied) Afghanistan they have open-air bidding for pre-pubescent dancing boys !
    Where isreali contractors are free to participate (and do)

  8. wow up the kazoo

    Just read the article about dancing boys of afghanland and how their mullahs are trying to save them but can’t because the US backed government doesn’t have the balls to stand up to local pro-US warlords. Wow a real black on Islam if you ask me.

    Getting back to the main story, yes Israel is an offshoot of western civilization, so was Nazi Germany, was the fellow roger arguing we should’ve helped the Nazi’s? Geez, this makes perfect sense, Nazi’s are western civ thus they are good, Israelis are western civ, thus they are good, gandhi was not western civ thus eradicate! Thanks Rog, always good to have a smart jew like yourself around to think for us stupid gentiles.

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  10. C. T. Weber

    I think the statement by Jonathan Kessler, “We’re going to make certain that pro-Israel students take over the student government and reverse the vote. That is how AIPAC operates in our nation’s capitol. This is how AIPAC must operate on our nation’s campuses.” tell a major story of how AIPAC took over our government. It seems to have gotten lost in their plan to take over our campuses. “That is how AIPAC operates in our nation’s capitol.” Now you know. Don’t let it happen on our campuses. Organize.

  11. All of this is very interesting. As a reminder for those who were alive and thinking, or for those too young at the time, the Zionist Navy and Air Force attacked the USS Liberty in 1967; McCain’s father was a senior admiral and ordered a “gag order” on all members of the crew and the yellow American government did nothing about this aggression. Perhaps, just perhaps, a “warm glow” came from the sky over Tel Aviv; most of the world would rejoice. If that is what it takes to have a decent world, then so be it.

  12. zionism is so over

    but the zionists don’t know it

    it’s kind of sad when you’re the last to realize that everyone has already left your party and you’re all alone and the cleanup is all on you

    the chickens have come home to roost, israel, Obama is going to leash and muzzle you

  13. @Mongo – The older brother of my high-school best friend was one of the US Navy personnel injured (very badly) in the attack. He tells stories of seeing the Israelis do strafing runs on Americans in the water, swimming for their lives.

    When the Japanese did this sort of thing, we went to war, and after appalling casualties on both sides and nuclear destruction of two undefended cities, the Japanese had a new government. Still waiting for Netanyahu (and Kessler!) to get the Tojo treatment.

  14. An American politician once said: “Capitol Hill is an Israeli occupied territory”

    The people of Gaza and the Americans have one thing in common… They are both controlled by the Zionists, the only difference is: the people of Gaza know that and are fighting back. The Americans on the other hand, do not know and that is the stupidity.

    “Wars are never fought for altruistic reasons. They’re usually fought for hegemony, for business. And then of course there’s the business of war.”

  15. Dershowitz the militant terrorist tol dthose studensts to fight their professors? Huh? Is this still a college of learning or the Israeli occupation of Berkley? How can anyone feel safe at Berkley with violent terrorists like Dershowitz instructing these students to attack others who denounce Israeli massacres and illegal settlement building.
    Israel is no friend because of theri nuclear arsenal which is a threat to the world and the USA. American soldiers are being killed because of Jewish terrorists within the Israeli governement committiing war crimes.

    • I totally disagree with Dershowitz about Israel but it is not helpful when you are exaggerate and falsely inflame this upsetting issue — not everyone listened to the video, so let me clarify: he did not tell students to “fight their professors” and “attack others.” He said to the students that if teachers “push you around” and “mislead you” students should “stand up to them” and “fight back” and “demand fairness [and] sensitivity.” He is obviously not talking about fighting and attacking teachers physically. Please lower your rhetoric and stop the exaggerations — the “Israeli occupation of Berkeley” (where I live) is not working very well — the student senate just passed a UC Berkeley Israel Divestment Bill.

  16. S. Z. Underwood


    Since all of your comments are “moderated” and any comment you disagree with draws an immediate and furious rebuttal from you, I think it’s fair to infer that you too, like “Mongo” above, dream of a nuclear holocaust to wipe out the five million Jews living in Israel:

    “Perhaps, just perhaps, a “warm glow” came from the sky over Tel Aviv; most of the world would rejoice. If that is what it takes to have a decent world, then so be it.”

    If this were 1940, Mongo would be writing “Perhaps, just perhaps, if gas chambers and crematoria sprang up in Poland; most of the world would rejoice. If that is what it takes to have a decent world, then so be it.”

    Please keep providing an Israel bashing forum soliciting these type of comments. You are providing a true public service by shedding abundant light on what really animates those who masquerade as “anti-Zionists.”

    Thank you!

  17. Finkelstein quoted Dershowitz describing the job of a defense atty as defending people who are almost always guilty. So Dershowitz is occupationally well suited to phony theatrics on behalf of an outlaw state that has violated 16 of the 30 articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, many articles in the 4th Geneva Convention, its own pledges upon which its admission to the UN was condtitional, over 100 UN resolutions, and the principles asserted in its own declaration of statehood. I am encouraged by this blog to feel confident that he will lose this one, and perhaps learn some humility hopefully along with his client.

  18. ad, radii

    Apply your own rules to yourself since you you are spouting the same, tired rhetoric of anti-Israel that I’m tired of seeing. You come across as bloodless, uncaring people. You have no idea what it’s like the live in fear and stress everyday as an Israeli. They like you have a right to live in peace without having to worry what will happen if they step on a bus or get a drink at a coffee shop.

    Israel isn’t perfect, no government is. They have made mistakes and will continue to do so. However Israel and its people have a right to live and have had their faces spit in every time they have tried to ask for compromises from its neighbors. If you truly look at the situation “intellectually naked” without bias there is no denying this. Zionism is dead?! ha, you wish. There are many many people, Jewish and not who would give their lives to keep Israel safe. Good always wins in the end.

    But for people like you who want to see Hitler’s wet dream come true are very confused, misinformed, and probably sociopathic there is little hope. In the meantime I will keep defending Israel’s rights until my dying breath.

  19. Looking at this blog while seating at my desk in Tell-Aviv, today – our national memorial day of the holocaust makes me feel things words can’t really describe.
    The violent dreams of few uneducated people here toward me and my country/people/way of life/right to exist are the proof nothing has changed in the human nature since WWII.

    Israel existence is not an issue for discussion or debate, its here, and its here to stay just like any other nation.

    Violent, anti-Semitic ideas, dreams or inspirations will be treated with zero tolerance by anyone who has some historical education or knowledge of the facts.
    Speaking about facts – it’s about time people start looking at the facts or maybe its too scary for them to acknowledge they where wrong the whole time.

    People with violent anti-Semitic dreams are the main and only cause for the lasting never ending war in my region.
    For us, the oppressed, peace has become a secondary mission, survival has become the first and I don’t think anyone can blame us on that one..

    Instead of wasting time and energy on pointless hate and ridiculous anti-Semitic rumors taken from the 40`s inspired by biased Saudi owned CNN reports on what Israel is doing in Gaza I invite you all to spend some time learning the subject, asking the right questions and above all respect life where ever they are.

  20. Wow, i cant believe this propaganda by a foreign state and an organization in the US that openly spies on our country. AIPAC needs to be outlawed along with any other foreign lobbing organization.

  21. Youtube “mossad truck bombs” then ask yourself why these men were let go.
    Also do some research on these people.
    Chertoff, Wolfawitz, Pearle, Krystol, Zelikow, Zakheim, Feithe tons of others.

    Most of these people are dual citizens of Israel. Obama’s administration has many more. Good for America?

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