Useful tools for digging dirt

As a journalist, esnl‘s obsessed with information, and two wiki-based websites, one of them new, offer an extraordinary and growing about of information about the rich and powerful, their institutions, and their relations with others in the monied classes.

Reporters and inverstigators love link-analysis charts, diagrams showing the connections between targets of their investigations and others who might be worthy of a look-see.  Named for “muckety-mucks,” this website lets the reader do name searches, with the results displayed in chart form. Very useful.

The new entry in the field, LitteSis doesn’t offer the eye-catching link analysis, but it does reveal the connections, adding for good measure the political contributions of the folks in question. As more and me users contribute additional data, the site’s certain to become indispensible for anyone looking to explre the patterns of power and deep politics. [Yet another extravagant esnl HT to moussequetaire.]

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