Isle of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

Shot from the Bridge of Sighs [Ponte dei Sospiri] on a cloudy summer day.

Folks aren’t supposed to take cameras into the Doge’s Palace, but the staff was gracious enough to let me take my camera so long as I didn’t shoot anything inside.

Lord Byron gave the bridge its name, poetically describing the last gasps of prisoners marched through its artful enclosure to the prison across the canal.

We were able to ease our telephoto through one of the bridge’s narrow openings on a cool, overcast August morning to catch the island in muted light through cool, rain-washed air.

The church with the dome and spectacular Romanesque facade is Andrea Palladio’s 16th Century Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. [click to embiggen]

Shot August 29, 2006, 38 mm, F4, 1/2000


5 responses to “Isle of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

  1. Wow, great photo…

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  3. Great photo !

    • Thanks. It was the result of a unique set of circumstances, shot from a forbidden place [no cameras allowed, but I was given a dispensation allowing me to carry my Nikons but not shoot anything inside the >building], and taken on an unusually cool August day following a rainstorm, with the sun perfectly positioned and muted by clouds. It’s one of my favorite images.

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