Headlines of the day I: Stupid intelligence tricks

We open with this latest bit of news for which we can thank Edward Snowden, by way of the Washington Post:

NSA gathered thousands of Americans’ e-mails before court struck down program

More succinctly, from The Hill:

Court: NSA violated Constitution with domestic email surveillance

From the Department of Feel Good Yet? Via The Guardian:

White House: US government wouldn’t force reporters to destroy computers

Official says it would be ‘very difficult to imagine a scenario’ where newspapers would be ordered to surrender leaked secrets

And from Reuters, some assignment of blame goes right to Number 10 Downing Street:

Close Cameron aides asked paper to destroy Snowden data

More from The Guardian:

Guardian told to destroy NSA files for national security, says Clegg

Clegg’s spokesman confirms that Sir Jeremy Heywood made request on instructions of David Cameron

Some blowback, via Deutsche Welle:

Criticism as Britain pressures Guardian to ditch Snowden files

Germany’s chief human rights official has criticized a British demand that a British newspaper destroy material leaked by US whistlebower Edward Snowden. Russia also expressed condemnation for the move.

And, ahem, the ostensible reason, from Wired:

U.K. Ordered Guardian to Destroy Snowden Files Because Its Servers Weren’t Secure

From EUobserver, europols demonstrating the sound of one hand washing:

Miranda detention is internal matter for UK, EU says

And from World Socialist Web Site, a suspicion we share:

Detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner approved at highest levels of US and UK governments

From Spiegel, a dash of German Realpolitik:

Black Helicopters: Britain’s Blind Faith in Intelligence Agencies

Most in Britain seem unconcerned about the mass surveillance carried out by its intelligence agency GCHQ. Even the intimidation tactics being used on the Guardian this week have caused little soul-searching. The reason is simple: Britons blindly and uncritically trust their secret service.

And from Xinhua, something europols will probe:

EU to launch independent investigation into PRISM scandal

The latest on the NSA’s ability to search the Internet without a warrant from the Washington Post:

Report: NSA can ‘reach roughly 75% of all U.S. Internet traffic’

More details from Techdirt:

NSA & FBI Spied On All Emails In Salt Lake City Before & After The Olympics

from the minimization? dept

And from our Department of Ominous Acronyms, via Ars Technica:

Feds spending over $5.1M on facial recognition surveillance program

Meet DHS’ “Biometric Optical Surveillance System,” or BOSS.

It’s not just your face. The government also wants to own your passwords, reports Forbes:

Ditch Your Passwords — US Gov To Issue Secure Online Ids

Finally, via RIA Novosti, a rare moment of sanity, thanks to Rep. Dana Rohrbacher:

US ‘Shooting Self in Foot’ in Row with Moscow over Snowden– US Lawmaker

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One response to “Headlines of the day I: Stupid intelligence tricks

  1. Yes – if one is too proud, and wants to win every time – it will be difficult to make friends with others or keep friends – like Russia – who sometimes and on certain occasions want to protect a small person from a big surveillance Data Gone Mad Bully.

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