Astounding HD video: A lava flow in motion

Closeup high definition video of Hawaiian lava in motion from vlogger Leigh Hilbert. Pop it up to full screen for the full, glorious impact.

His text:

The volcanic eruption lava from Pu`u O`o that I recently filmed pouring down through the mostly abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision has now reached the ocean. EDIT: On March 2nd, 2012, the last occupied home in that old subdivision was overtaken by a lava flow; Jack Thompson’s home – full story here.

The new flow pushed across two miles of somewhat flat older lava fields over a period of four days, reaching the ocean late in the day on December 9th – also filling in low areas as it moved along, even branching in multiple directions.

In the days ahead we will find out if this flow will establish itself thru insulating tube systems, or be severed of lava by a collapse of the plumbing system, or possibly stop flowing due to a large, or sustained, drop in magma pressures beneath Kilauea Volcano and the Pu`u O`o crater a little over seven miles uphill to the north.

For the first time in many years, lava is flowing on the coast within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park boundaries, it is a very remote location to get to from any direction, and for the inexperienced or experienced lava hiker, it can be quite dangerous to hike to – and very easy to get lost out there on the coastal lavascape coastal flats.

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